«Stupid but crafty». How the CIA described the KGB officers of the BSSR in 1972

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На русском языке: «Глупый, но хитрый». Как ЦРУ описывали сотрудников КГБ БССР в 1972 году
На беларускай мове: «Недалёкі, але хітры». Як ЦРУ апісвалі супрацоўнікаў КДБ БССР у 1972 годзе

On Wednesday, December 15, the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) published about 1500 CIA documents related to the assassination of John F. Kennedy. According to the information received from the source, on September 26, Lee Harvey Oswald met with a KGB agent at the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City, just two months before the assassination of the US president.

The documents state that a year earlier, an anonymous informant had warned U.S. Embassy staff in Australia that Kennedy would be assassinated by the Soviet Union for a $100,000 reward.

In addition, the documents contain information from a source in which he describes some employees of the Belarusian KGB. We decided to look through these data and collected information about the mentioned employees of the Belarusian special services, dating back to 1972.

Anatoliy Aksenov

Anatoliy Aleksandrovich Aksenov was born in 1948. He was 168 cm tall, had a solid build (he was a former gymnast), blond hair, hazel eyes, and a soft-looking face with prominent red veins. When conversing, he had a habit of looking downward and then suddenly raising his eyes to look up. The source didn’t consider him to be particularly intelligent, but rather as having a «crafty, peasant approach to life». He was heavy drinking, which is why he often got into trouble. He often was living apart with his wife, Tatyana Kondrakova, who took advantage of his position and frequently dealt on the black market.

According to the source, Aksenov was afraid of his father, Aleksandr Nikiforovich, who was a member of the Central Committee and held the post of Second Secretary of the Belorussian Communist Party. The mother, a former physician, was no longer practicing at the time of the source’s testimony.

Aksenov’s father wanted him to marry the daughter of another member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, Aleksey Alekseyevich Smirnov, which caused a lot of conflicts between father and son, especially amid Aksenov’s heavy drinking. Also, on his father’s insistence, after graduating from the Minsk State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages (now MSLU) in 1972, he enrolled the KGB school in Minsk. After he became a KGB officer, Aksenov continued to associate with his classmates, including the source. It was through Aksenov that the source met a number of other KGB officers and was able to learn some information about the ongoing KGB operations in Minsk area.

Yuriy Borich

Born in 1950. He was the son of a KGB general. He was about 180 cm tall, thin, had light hair which he parted on the left side.

The source describes him as a quiet person. He liked to play the guitar. He and his wife graduated from the Minsk State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages. He spoke German and English. Borich was on assignment in the Netherlands (the source believes it was for the KGB), had returned to Minsk, but was scheduled to return there again just before the source’s departure.

Fedor Chistyy

He was born in about 1949. He was tall (182 cm), heavy-set, had blond hair and deeply set eyes. The source describes him as clumsy, with a crude-looking face, and as «stupid but crafty». He graduated from the Minsk State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages, and was an informer while a student there. He was a heavy smoker and alcoholic. He worked together with Aksenov in the Operations Department.

Vladimir Lapshov

He was born in about 1946. He was short (166 cm), heavy-set, looked like a boxer. He had short hair, blue eyes, and a birthmark on the left side of his face. He had a penetrating gaze.

He was formerly a black marketeer. He was a construction engineer originally from Minsk, had been to Iran, at the time of the creation of the document was working in Moscow. The source believed that he was a KGB agent, because of the incident when police officers stopped Lapshov for speeding, and he showed them some sort of an identification document, after which the officers let him go.

Lapshov liked to dress well, and the source considered him to be a show-off.

Viktor Molochko

Viktor Nikolayevich Molochko was born in about 1946, he was the son of Nikolay Petrovich Molochko, the Minister of Trade of the Belorussian SSR. At the time of the creation of the document, Viktor Nikolayevich was a lieutenant in the KGB Operations Department. He was short, fat, had dark hair. He was married and had two children.


Moroz (name not specified) worked for the KGB. He had been in Africa on assignment,  possibly with military or economic aid, and had published a work on Africa. Moroz always  moved in the KGB circles. He was short (167 cm), had bulging eyes, a short neck and, according to the source, looked «like a toad». He owned a new model of the Volga – only a few of these cars were allocated for civilian purchase.

Vladimir Sucheyko

He was born in about 1946. He was the only person who graduated from the KGB school in Minsk with the rank junior lieutenant because of his bad behavior. He was later expelled from the KGB for excessive drinking.

Other KGB officers were also mentioned in the document, however, the source described them briefly.

Yevgeniy Surganov was born in about 1945, tall (190 cm), of medium build, blond and attractive. His left shoulder was noticeably lower than the right. He liked to drink.

Aleksandr Pokhin, a retired KGB major, was formerly a deputy chief of the Minsk KGB Operations Department and Anatoliy Aksenov’s immediate superior. His daughter, Lyudmila, was a friend of the source.

Guriy (name not specified), a KGB major. He was 173 cm tall, burly, and had a face, according to the source, which resembled that of a bulldog.

Zenovich (name not specified) was a Captain in the Belorussian KGB. He was responsible for Philharmonic Orchestra, but had been replaced. At the moment of the publication, Zenovich was learning to drive a bus, which possibly indicated, according to the interviewer, that he had been fired from the KGB.

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