Dana Astra, Lukashenko-linked company, suing EUobserver and EU Council

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На русском языке: Связанная с Лукашенко Dana Astra подала в суд на EUobserver и Совет ЕС
На беларускай мове: Звязаная з Лукашэнкам Dana Astra падала ў суд на EUobserver і Раду ЕС

EUobserver reports that Dana Astra, Lukashenko-linked company, has sued EUobserver and the EU Council after it came under EU sanctions.

The company demands to delete the article «Lukashenko-linked firms active in EU member Cyprus», otherwise they demand to pay them losses in the amount of €2500 per day. The case was reportedly brought at the Brussels Court of First Instance, arguing that the story had damaged the «honour» of the real estate company by creating the «false» impression that it had received benefits because of its ties to Lukashenko’s sister-in-law.

According to the publication, the lawyers of the company Dana Astra from the Belgian agency «SIA Avocats», received the address of residence of the author of the article and sent him home letters with ultimatums. EUobserver notified Belgian law enforcement authorities of the case.

«All the facts in our article are confirmed by official documents. They [Dana Astra] don’t even deny it. This Lukashenko-linked firm is trying to prevent us from doing journalism. That’s not going to happen»,– Koert Debeuf, EUobserver editor-in-chief, said.

In addition to the lawsuit against the publication, Dana Astra also filed a lawsuit with the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in Luxembourg against the EU Council. This happened after the company came under the 3rd package of EU sanctions, in December 2020.

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