Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya had a call with the CEO of Yara

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На русском языке: Cветлана Тихановская провела звонок с СЕО Yara
На беларускай мове: Святлана Ціханоўская стэлефанавалася з СЕО Yara

Sviatlana told Svein Tore Holsether, the head of Yara, that repressions in Belarus are not decreasing, and shared a new investigation, which proves the direct participation of the management of Belaruskali in the falsification of elections. She also said that Belarusians consider cooperation with the regime unacceptable.

Tsikhanouskaya stressed that 32 companies (including British American Tobacco, Rolls Royce, Scandia Steel, Becker Group, Hansen & Rosenthal and others) have already stopped cooperation with the regime and state-owned enterprises of Belarus. She also told about the intention to develop a plan for the new Belarus together with such companies — after the changes in our country, foreign investment will be welcomed.

The head of Yara, in turn, spoke about ensuring safe working conditions at the Belarusian enterprise. Unfortunately, accidents continue at Belaruskali, including fatal ones. This year, the Yara team visited Belaruskali in order to assess industrial and corporate security. Yara management will also get acquainted with the investigation of election fraud by Belaruskali employees. Holsether stated that it is better to take any possible steps to improve the labor safety situation than to leave Belarus and have no influence.

«Belarusians consider such behavior unethical – searching for loopholes in the EU and US sanctions. This has already greatly affected the reputation of Yara in Belarus. I have already spoken about this during a call with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Norway and was understood by Minister Huitfeldt. We will continue to raise the issue of Yara’s termination of cooperation with regime companies again and again. After all, this is the position of the Belarusians, and I do it for them»,–  Tsikhanouskaya said at the end of the call

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