Belavia has returned six of its aircraft to the lessor

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На русском языке: Belavia вернула шесть своих самолётов лизингодателям
На беларускай мове: Belavia вярнула шэсць сваіх самалётаў лізінгадаўцу

On October 26, we wrote that Belavia sent to the capital of Kazakhstan — Nur-Sultan — all three of its newest Embraer E195-E2 aircraft with registration numbers EW-555PO, EW-560PO and EW-563PO. One of them (EW-563PO) is in the Belavia anniversary livery.

At that time, we assumed that the aircraft would be transferred (on lease, or full sale) to the Kazakhstan airline AirAstana, since it is the only airline in Kazakhstan allowed to operate Embraer E2. However, this did not happen.

The telegram channel «Ot Vinta» reports that on December 17, all three aircraft changed their registration to the Irish one, were transferred to the lessor – AerCap company and sent to the Spanish Castellon-Costa Azahar airport for storage.

Belavia has returned six of its aircraft to the lessor

New registration numbers of the aircraft /

Now the aircraft have received new registration numbers: EW-555POEI-GYV, EW-560PO – EI-GYX and EW-563PO – EI-GYW.

In addition, today it became known that three more Boeing 737-800 with registration numbers EW-526PA, EW-438PA and EW-543PA, which have been in Turkey since November, were transferred to leasing companies.

Belavia has returned six of its aircraft to the lessor

The EW-526PA received a new registration number /

Boeing 737-800 with registration number EW-526PA on December 16 was transferred to the Irish leasing company Genesis Aircraft Services. The board also received a new registration number LZ-GNC and was sent to the Pinal Airpark airfield, which is located in Arizona, the United States. Pinal Airpark is the world’s largest repository for commercial aircraft, which is also considered a «graveyard» for them. The fact is that many of the planes that are brought there end up on metal, and the dry climate of the desert softens their corrosion.

Former Belavia aircraft with registration numbers EW-438PA and EW-543PA also changed registration. The first one was transferred to the American leasing company Air Lease Corporation, changed its registration number to T7-438 and was sent to Vonsdrecht Air Base in the Netherlands. And the second one now has the registration number EI-GYP, transferred to the leasing company SMBC Aviation Capital and sent to the International Airport of Ostrava named after Leos Janacek in the Czech Republic.

We remind that Belavia Airline came under the fifth EU sanctions package for the transportation of migrants from the Middle East. Earlier we wrote that since October 26, the airline has sent for storage or transferred to partners 14 of its aircraft. Thus, only 15 aircraft remained out of 29 aircraft in the company’s flee.

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