The German concern Henkel refuses advertising on state TV

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На русском языке: Немецкий концерн Henkel отказывается от рекламы на госТВ
На беларускай мове: Нямецкі канцэрн Henkel адмаўляецца ад рэкламы на дзяржТБ

Yesterday, the human rights organization Libereco published a report on monitoring of advertising on the state TV channels Belarus 1, ONT and STV. The third place among Western companies in terms of the number of commercials placed was taken by the German chemical concern Henkel. Just today, the concern told the German publication of Frankfurter Allgemein that it will not place new advertising on state TV.

«We take the criticism of this practice very seriously and have adapted our local marketing activities with this in mind»,–  Henkel spokesperson said. This means that the marketing budget will be redistributed to other forms of advertising and channels.

«We haven’t booked new time for advertising on state television», – Henkel spokesperson said.

It is worth saying that in addition to Henkel, Mars and Procter & Gamble are also the leaders in advertising on state TV.

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