Libereco: 58% of advertising on state-owned TV is placed by Western companies

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На русском языке: Libereco: 58% рекламы на госТВ размещают западные компании
На беларускай мове: Libereco: 58% рэкламы на дзяржТБ размяшчаюць заходнія кампаніі

The human rights organization Libereco published a report on the monitoring of advertising on the state-owned TV channels Belarus 1, ONT and STV from November 15 to 21, from 7 to 10 p.m.. As a result, it turned out that Western companies placed 58% of commercials on state TV. Advertising companies from the United States (18%) and Germany (16%) were shown most of all.

Libereco: 58% of advertising on state-owned TV is placed by Western companies

The companies which advertising was shown on state TV in prime time from November 15 to 21 / Libereco

«We are very shocked that German companies in particular continue to finance Lukashenko’s TV stations with advertising money despite the numerous human rights violations in Belarus. Directly before and after propagandistic news broadcasts and in the environment of agitational hate programs in which dirty laundry is literally washed over critics of the regime, Henkel places advertisements for detergents. While the medical care of the currently over 900 political prisoners is completely inadequate, German pharmaceutical companies broadcast advertisements for pharmaceuticals. This morally extremely questionable advertising engagement must be stopped immediately. I am tired of listening to the excuses of all those advertising companies,»– said Marco Fieber, chairman of Libereco’s German section.

Libereco: 58% of advertising on state-owned TV is placed by Western companies

The top-10 Western companies which aired the most ad spots on state TV from November 15 to 21 / Libereco

According to Libereco data, most of the ads within the specified period were placed by: Mars (61 commercials), Procter and Gamble (51), Henkel (47) and Sanofi (45), Queisser Pharma (30), Grindeks (28), Colgate-Palmolive (27), PepsiCo (25), Dr. Theiss Naturwaren (23) and Sandoz (22).

However, experts note that there are some positive changes. In November, there were no more ads from Carlsberg (Denmark) and L’Oreal (France). Switzerland’s Nestlé significantly reduced its advertising from 9 percent in July to 0.4 percent in November. The latest data can also be compared with the analysis of advertising on state TV, which we conducted during one week of February. In addition to the already mentioned companies, Jacobs Douwe Egberts, Gedeon Richter and others have significantly reduced their airing.

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