The Prime Minister of Poland wants to discuss the issue of complete closure of the EU border with Belarus

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На русском языке: Премьер Польши хочет обсудить вопрос полного закрытия границы ЕС с Беларусью
На беларускай мове: Прэм’ер Польшчы хоча абмеркаваць пытанне поўнага закрыцця мяжы ЕС з Беларуссю

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in an interview with the Polish edition of PAP said that Poland, together with Lithuania and Latvia, is considering the introduction of NATO Article 4 because of the situation at the Belarusian-Polish border. In particular, the issue of complete closure of the borders with Belarus will be discussed.

«The crisis we are dealing with concerns not only Lithuania, Latvia and Poland, but also the entire community. Moreover, there is an understanding that Lukashenka won’t refuse to storm the border if we don’t act together. Therefore, we will certainly discuss further sanctions, including the complete closure of the border and thus disconnecting the regime from economic benefits. We will discuss additional sanctions during the next special summit of the Council of Europe, which I requested»,– Morawiecki said.

NATO Article 4 provides for the convening of a council of the North Atlantic Alliance if one of the allied countries believes that its security is threatened.

«It is no longer enough to publicly express your concerns. Now we need concrete steps and the participation of the entire alliance»,– the Polish Prime Minister said.

We remind that for the seventh day there are more than a thousand migrants from the Middle East at the Belarusian-Polish border. They spend nights in huts and tents, get sick, it is known about several deaths. They were taken to the border by Belarusian security forces and were not allowed to legally enter Poland through the official border crossing. Since then, migrants have been trapped: while the Poles don’t allow them to enter the territory of Poland, the Belarusian security forces don’t allow them to return to Belarus. The European Union believes that the Belarusian authorities artificially organized the flow of refugees from the Middle East and calls it hybrid aggression.

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