The sale of George Orwell’s «1984» is banned in Belarus

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На русском языке: В Беларуси запрещена продажа антиутопии «1984» Джорджа Оруэлла
На беларускай мове: У Беларусі забаронены продаж антыўтопіі «1984» Джорджа Оруэла

The sale of George Orwell’s «1984» is banned in Belarus. This is reported by the publication Nasha Niva. It is notable that the book was banned in the USSR till 1987.

George Orwell’s dystopia 1984 describes a totalitarian society. The inhabitants are deprived of civil rights and individuality, the idea of order is absolute, there is a cult of Big Brother personality, people are obliged to submit to the authorities completely and uncritically. «War is peace,» «Freedom is slavery,» and «Big Brother is watching you» – these expressions from the novel became aphorisms.

In the state network Belkniga it was on the 4th position in the list of bestsellers. A rare case for a book first published many decades ago. And a reflection of how people perceive the situation in the country.

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