Security officers came to the Brø bakery

Brø bakery
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На русском языке: Силовики пришли в пекарню Brø bakery
На беларускай мове: Сілавікі прыйшлі ў пякарню Brø bakery

It is reported that an hour ago, security officers came to the Brø bakery on Berastsianskaya street in Minsk.

An employee Dzianis Korshun was detained. On May 18, information about the detention appeared on the channel of GUBOPiK. In the video, he says that he took part in 2020 protests.

Security officers came to the Brø bakery

Dzianis Korshun / photo from social networks

«Dzianis is a good, cheerful and educated guy… And so, you know, sensitive, even sentimental. I remember that he was very worried when I was arrested once. He is from Brest, he studied there, and lived in Minsk for about four years. And he worked in that bakery for about a year,» his friend says.

According to the available information, the man is detained under Article 342 of the Criminal Code («active participation in actions that grossly violate public order»).

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