The Supreme Court of Belarus fined Google for almost 1,5 million rubles

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The proceedings of the Ministry of Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade (MART) and Google LLC in the Supreme Court ended in favor of MART, the decision of the Ministry was recognized legal. In addition, on January 13, the press service of MART reported that the Supreme Court fined Google 1,438,941 rubles.

Let us recall that in July of this year, MART stated that Google violated antitrust laws in the market of app stores pre-installed on mobile devices with the Android operating system. In particular, the ministry found that Google offers manufacturers of Android smartphones and tablets a pre-installation of the Google Play application store only with the mandatory pre-installation of other applications that provide information search, advertising and bring income to the company. This, according to MART, limits the ability of other developers of search applications to access mobile devices.

The subject of the dispute in court was the verification of the legality of the Ministry’s decision.


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