Two planes of the Belarusian Air Force were named in honor of Minsk and Brest Fortress

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На русском языке: Два самолёта ВВС РБ назвали в честь Минска и Брестской крепости
На беларускай мове: Два самалёты ВПС Рэспублікі Беларусь названыя ў гонар Мінска і Брэсцкай крэпасці

According to our information, at the end of August, two Il-76 military transport aircraft of the Belarusian Air Force with reg. numbers EW-004DE and EW-005DE were named after Minsk and Brest Fortress.

There are fresh inscriptions on the fuselage of the planes, written in Russian in the pseudo-Old Slavonic font Izhitsa. Il-76 of the Belarusian Air Force (EW-004DE) was named Minsk Hero City, while EW-005DE was named Brest Hero Fortress.

The naming of the planes was probably timed to Belarusian Air Force Day, which was celebrated on August 20.

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