Two workers of Grodno Azot got poisoned with gas
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На русском языке: На «Гродно Азот» двое рабочих отравились газом при выполнении работ
На беларускай мове: На «Гродна Азот» двое рабочых атруціліся газам пры выкананні працы

This afternoon, the telegram channel of the Grodno Azot strike committee reported that an emergency had occurred at the plant: one person died, the condition of the second person is still unknown.

Later it became known that an emergency indeed occurred at Grodno Azot, due to which one of the shops was stopped. According to our information, the workers climbed into a nitrogen pipe and lost consciousness afterwards due to poisoning by the gaseous substance.

According to sources, an ambulance took the victims from the plant, and at that time at least one of them was in a serious condition, but no one died.

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