With the improvement of the weather in Poland, increased migration pressure is expected

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Belarus will be interested in maintaining a «creeping» form of border tension involving migrants. This was stated by Stanislaw Zaryn, the press secretary of the Minister-coordinator of the special services of Poland, PAP reports.

According to him, the hybrid operation against Poland will not stop, which is evidenced by the situation on the Polish-Belarusian border, from where daily reports are received about new attempts of illegal crossing.

«We assume that the Belarusian side will be interested in maintaining the «creeping» form of this conflict, and as the weather improves, the Belarusian side will try to strengthen migration pressure again,» he stressed.

«There are already symptoms of action – an increase in activity in internet groups used to manage the route through Belarus to the West by those looking for people willing to travel to the EU. They are already encouraging migration, with the aim of strengthening the migration movement to Belarus in the spring months,» Zaryn said, adding that, in particular, travel in May is being promoted.

According to him, at the same time, smugglers engaged in activities related to trips to Belarus are becoming more active. After a few weeks of calm, they are looking for those who want to go on a trip again.

«The winter months and bad weather usually contribute to the weakening of migration movements. In a few months, the Belarusian services may hold their action against Poland en masse again,» he assessed.

«Signals suggest that with the coming of spring, the pressure on the border with Poland may increase exponentially,» the spokesperson stated.

This suggests that the key project at the moment is the construction of a border barrier, which is about to begin in Poland, he said.

«The construction of a new protective barrier will make it possible to protect Poland better from actions organized by the Belarusian services. This is an extremely important point, since these investments are of strategic importance for us today,» Zaryn added.

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