The Warsaw Court refuses to extradite Stsiapan Putsila to the Investigative Committee of Belarus

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The District Court of Warsaw reviewed the claim of the Belarusian side on the extradition of Stsiapan Putsila on Wednesday, January 26. The Polish Prosecutor’s Office was obliged by law to review the requirements of the Investigative Committee of Belarus for the extradition of the blogger, and send the case to the court, which will decide whether there are grounds for the extradition of Putsila to Belarus.

In Belarus, the editor of a popular telegram channel (recognized as extremist) is accused under several articles of the Criminal Code, including organizing mass riots, inciting hatred, he is included in the list of persons involved in terrorism.

Stsiapan Putsila said before the session that this was a formality and he was sure that the Belarusian side would be refused extradition. As a result, the Court refused the Belarusian prosecutor’s office to extradite Putsila.


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