«You have destroyed all the laws and regulations». Daria Losik appeals to Lukashenko

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Today, after the announcement of the verdict to defendants in the «Tsikhanouski case», Daria Losik, the wife of Ihar Losik, a political prisoner, made a speech.
We quote her words unchanged. 

Attention, please. My name is Daria Losik, and I am the wife of political prisoner Ihar Losik.

I want to appeal to all those involved in today’s lawlessness. Namely: to judges, prosecutors, representatives of law enforcement agencies, employees of the detention center and, of course, to Mr. Lukashenko. Today, all this farce, this whole spectacle called «the trial in the Tsikhanouski case» has come to an end.

I will not ask about how you feel after all of this, but I really hope that bad. What is it like for you to live on, hugging your children, loved ones, knowing what you have done today? I hope it’s bad. What is it like to realize that you’ve ruined the lives of innocent people? I hope it hurts.

You have destroyed all the laws and regulations, even though it is your job to obey the law. You hid behind the doors of jails, courts and toned vans hoping that no one would ever see your faces, and your actions, dirty work, would never come out. But in vain, because judges, prosecutors, law enforcers are just pawns in this game, which, in an inconvenient scenario, will be expendable. The system will devour them just like it devours honest and wonderful people in prisons now.

Therefore, I once again appeal to Mr. Lukashenko. Alexander Grigoryevich, on all TV channels and Internet resources, state propagandists broadcast speeches about how brave you are, how selflessly and unshakably you save the country from all imaginable and unthinkable misfortunes. It is very interesting, because you are struggling with such supposedly terrible threats, but you did not have enough courage to meet with one simple woman, a loving wife and mother. So can you prove that this is not true?

And again, I’m alone, and you can put me in one of your toned vans, put a gun to my temple and take me to wherever you want in complete anonymity. What are you afraid of? After all, as you have already said, 90% of the support is behind you, and most of it is not only security forces, but also ordinary people.

Let’s meet and I will tell you what our family went through thanks to your subordinates. What it’s like to survive your husband’s two hunger strikes, to find out that he tried to commit suicide right in front of one of your so-called investigators. What it is like when you are placed in a cell with mentally ill people, and what it is like to find out that a psychologist in the pre-trial detention center №3 in Gomel pushes your husband for a new suicide attempt. I will tell you vividly about my feelings that arise when our daughter asks day after day: «Mommy, where is daddy and why doesn’t he go for a walk with me to the park?» And you will try to explain to me why we went through and continue to go through all this torture.

You said that you do not fight women, but my example and the example of dozens of political prisoners-women says the opposite. I think there are more than enough topics for discussion.

I let you choose the place and time. I’m not going to run away and hide abroad. Prove me that you are not a coward. I’m waiting for an invitation.

The reaction of propaganda

After the publication of this video, pro-regime propagandists reacted to Daria’s speech.
One of the pro-Lukashenko telegram channels «Zheltiye Slivy» published a post, where the authors call Daria «dummy», and her husband Ihar Losik – a «bastard».

«You have destroyed all the laws and regulations». Daria Losik appeals to Lukashenko

Screenshot from the telegram channel

What cripples stood under the fascist flags together with the Tsikhanouski gang. This dummy wrote off her husband in advance and in advance (!) made a staged «appeal» for extremist trash. With several takes, different plans, editing, subtitles.

She knew in advance that Losik was guilty and would get what he deserved. 

She made the video in advance, acting out the expression and the shock, as if she had just learned about the verdict. That is, Losik was just being taken to court, and this wifey was already playing drama. 

Well done, Daria. You fit very well in the friendly zmagar hell hole. One is going out with men while her husband is in prison. Another is selling her dead son. Now you are in this business too. However, you and your bastard husband have been in the «corrupt business» for a long time. So you can not bust your butt, hurry up to the cashbox, until 30 million are taken by more fast scums.

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