«Make lists of amateur shooters»: video surveillance of visitors was installed at Belarusian shooting ranges

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На русском языке: «Составить списки любителей стрельбы»: В беларусских тирах установлено видеонаблюдение за посетителями
На беларускай мове: «Скласці спісы аматараў стральбы»: У беларускіх цірах устаноўлена відэаназіранне за наведвальнікамі.

Human rights defenders MAYDAY found out that on New Year’s Eve enforcers covertly forced owners of all Belarusian sports shooting clubs (shooting ranges) to install surveillance cameras, even in elite countryside shooting clubs.

Most of these shooting ranges are located in Minsk. According to human rights defenders, video from these cameras is directly sent not only to the owners, but also to enforcers. They say the purpose of installing the cameras is to identify visitors and prepare lists of citizens engaged in amateur shooting.

In addition, it is also said that the entrepreneurs were forced to sign an official obligation to report to the enforcers of the regime in Belarus the full identity data of the visitors of the shooting clubs, even if they did not shoot, but just were there. At the same time, it is not obligatory to inform the customers about it.

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