Daria Losik on 500 days of Ihar’s imprisonment

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На русском языке: Дарья Лосик о 500 днях заключения Игоря
На беларускай мове: Дар’я Лосік пра 500 дзён зняволення Ігара

The wife of Ihar Losik, a political prisoner, Daria Losik on her page in Instagram published a post addressed to her husband, who has already spent 500 in captivity. Here are her words unchanged.

So, another sad date in our lives… Almost a year and a half of fighting for you, for a year and a half our daughter has been asking where you are now, and when she will finally go for a walk the park with you, for a year and a half your parents can only see you in photos.

I can say thank you, just for being there and that my life is meaningful. It doesn’t matter where you are now! Even from there, you constantly give me your love and support! Your letters, incredibly touching, full of sincerity and the feelings that exist between us, would make me cry. But… I can’t do that anymore. No, not because the feelings are gone! But because there is no time for tears and suffering, because we need to go further and make our most important dream come true.

You know, they’ve made a lot of mistakes trying to make you look like a criminal. Their attempts have failed. Therefore, forcing you to do such terrible things as suicide and hunger strikes, they show THEMSELVES as inhumane, each time emphasizing your innocence and exposing THEIR mistakes. And the secret court is just direct proof that everything is fictitious.

And I know they can’t make THEIR OWN decisions, unlike me or you. Which of us, then, is more unfree? We or they? I have little idea how you can live when you are constantly being led. A step to the left, a step to the right — dismissal, and this is if you are lucky, and if not — a criminal article and a pre-trial detention center. And can we call it life…

I suppose the question sometimes arises in their heads: «Am I doing the right thing?» But fear, disguised by indifference, makes them spit on all the laws and norms of law and create the mob that we see now: a conveyor of arrests, courts, criminal articles, torture …

That’s the way it is now, but it won’t be that way indefinitely.

And you know, darling, those 500 days that they stole from us, we’ll catch up. I promise❤️

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