Opinion. Belarusian Order on the real fascism

Illustration: the Belarusian Order telegram channel
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На русском языке: Мнение. «Белорусский порядок» о настоящем фашизме
На беларускай мове: Меркаванне. «Беларускі парадак» пра сапраўдны фашызм

The author of the telegram channel «Belarusian Order» published a post about hidden subtexts in the speeches of regime ideologists. Here are his words unchanged.

That’s what’s convenient lately: regime ideologists have shed their masks and exposed themselves as they are. You no longer need to look for a double bottom to show hidden subtexts. Everyone writes openly and honestly.

Next, I will quote the reflection of one ideologue-priest after disputes with Russian curators, which hint: they say, it is time to introduce at least an imitation of the political process in the BSSR. Well, like fake parties in the castrated parliament, manual opposition, pseudo-elections and pseudo-candidates, everything goes right. And then we have such a defiant dictatorship that even the Kremlin is a little uncomfortable dealing with them. Here’s his answer.

«I usually respond by saying that Russian society is a little different, it is more complex and fragmented. Everything is simpler in Belarus. […] To put it bluntly, if Russia wants to keep Belarus in its sphere of influence, the pro-Western opposition must be suppressed. And here practically any opposition becomes pro-Western. Even supposedly pro-Russian, but it is essentially liberal, which means it still looks at the West.

For the past 300 years, the function of suppressing the pro-Western party has depended largely on Russia: the defeat of the Kosciuszko, Kalinovsky, BPR uprisings, pro-nazi collaborators and Polish nationalists.

Today, this function in alliance with Russia is performed independently by the Belarusian authorities. One thing remains unchanged — either you suppress or they take power, albeit for a short time. There is no third. That is, first there is a sweep, and then dialogues and discussions with those who are ready for this. So we need at least two years before the phase of fine-tuning the new political structure. If you hurriedly go to it, there will be tails and everything will soon happen again. And that can’t be allowed».

This is an absolutely stunning statement in its sincerity, which fully reflects the views of the regime ideological mainstream. There are several important recognitions here.

  • Open recognition of its occupational essence. The level of local authority is a complex vassal subordinate to the metropolis, whose success lies only in the fact that it has learned to suppress the rebellious aborigines on its own, without the help of the occupation contingent. This is the whole point of independence for this regime.
  • Recognition of their alienity. «Any opposition will become pro-Western». That is, the government does not reflect the needs of society, neither for modernization, nor for dialogue, nor for anything else. And the understanding that at any moment the people can get rid of the imposed element. Which, of course, cannot be allowed.
  • There is nothing to say about equating Kalinovsky and the BPR with the Nazis. There are no Belarusians as a nation in the paradigm of the ideological camarilla, there is a badly damaged fragment of the Great Russian people, which was spoiled by the Poles. And under the guise of fighting the «Polish influence», everything that determines the identity of Belarusians will be cleaned up.
  • «Sweep and then dialogue». This, pardon the dragged label, is already open fascism. Dialogue with a noose around the neck, if something is wrong – they knock out a stool.

It is possible, of course, to write off that this is a private statement of a famous fighter against fascism, who himself at one time moved with a swastika on a chevron. But what is written is completely consonant with what the rest of the talking heads and ideologues pronounce: Gigin, Shevtsov, Shpakovsky, Petrovsky, Avdonin and the rest. This is a position that is being consistently implemented in state policy right now.

Why do I write? The enemy must be known in person and understood. He can hide under thousands of masks, mimicking orthodox atheists, constructive opposition, and sovereignty defenders. But under the mask will hide a ruthless mug, without faith and principles.

Dialogue with them is impossible. This must be clearly understood by those who think that if they throw out the white flag and stop resisting, they will make concessions. They won’t. They will finish off, strangle, and prevent them from rising.

I see no way to solve the problem by political means. They were offered a dialogue, they didn’t hear it. Practice has shown that the only answer they are able to hear was given to them by Andrei Zeltser.

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