Opinion. Christian vision on the reaction of churches to the tragedy on Yakubovskogo Street

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На русском языке: Мнение. «Христианское видение» о реакции церквей на трагедию на улице Якубовского
На беларускай мове: Меркаванне. «Хрысціянская візія» пра рэакцыю цэркваў на трагедыю на вуліцы Якубоўскага

The Telegram channel "Christian Vision" published a post about the reaction of Belarusian churches to the shooting on Yakubovsky Street, which killed EPAM Systems employee Andrei Zeltser and KGB officer Dmitry Fedosyuk.

Here are their words unchanged.

A week ago, a shootout took place in Minsk, in which programmer Andrei Zeltser and KGB officer Dmitry Fedosyuk were killed. This tragedy has become another trauma for the Belarusian society. Even commenting on this in the current circumstances has proved to be dangerous. The interpretation of this event is complicated by the fact that we still know very little about what happened in the apartment on Yakubovskogo Street on September 28.

The reaction of the churches to this tragedy was minimal. According to Sputnik, on October 1, the funeral service of Dmitry Fedosyuk was held in the Minsk Church of All Saints, but the portal doesn’t publish photos from the service, and there is no news about this event on the church’s website. One unusual situation is reported by the Gomel portal Flagshtok — in one of the Orthodox parishes of Svetlogorsk, a liturgy was held «for the fallen soldier Dmitry», which gathered a small group of local officials and security officials. It seems that this event was exclusively a local initiative — nothing is known about similar prayers in other places.

Priest Vyacheslav Barok and the Telegram channel «Catholic Revival» also commented on the tragedy. According to Father Barok, «The apocalyptic beast, which is a regime of illegal political power, as we see, spares no one» and «all Belarusians, regardless of our views and even in their absence, are hostages of the bloodthirsty regime». Anonymous authors of the «Catholic Revival» comment [the situation — ed.] as follows: «Both Andrey Zeltser and the late KGB officer Dmitry Fedosyuk are victims of the Lukashescu regime. We have repeatedly stressed that our only way out is Christian mercy».

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