Opinion. «Mythology of Belarus» explains Putin’s statement

Illustration: "Mythology of Belarus" Telegram channel
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На русском языке: Мнение. «Мифология Беларуси» переводит заявление Путина
На беларускай мове: Меркаванне. «Міфалогія Беларусі» перакладае заяву Пуціна

The Telegram channel «Mythology of Belarus» published a post in which it ‘translates’ and explains what Putin’s statement on the dialogue between the official Minsk and the opposition may mean. Here is the opinion unchanged.

Putin has made an interesting statement today:

«Yes, we know that the situation in Belarus, although calmed down inside the country, but nevertheless there are problems, and we are well aware of this, and of course, we call for a dialogue between the authorities and the opposition».

It is clear that he does not care about the Belarusian «opposition». Moreover, it was with his submission and permission that Lukashenka repressed all his main opponents.

Putin remembers them only when it is necessary to play on nerves of an uncooperative partner.

Right now, on the eve of the publication of the new Constitution version and preparations for the «referendum», amid the deterioration of the economic situation, a dialogue with opponents (but all significant of them have already been recognized as «terrorists») is just exactly what Lukashenka needs.

Most likely, this is a part of pressure on the "ally" for the recognition of the Crimea.

That is, by unresolved problems, Putin meant the unrealized additional concessions on the part of Lukashenka, first of all, regarding the unequivocal recognition of the Crimea as Russian.

An alternative reading can also be the understanding of the «opposition» as exclusively pro-Russian individuals and organizations that have prepared a whole heap of their constitutional proposals — from the spelling out of the Union State and the special significance of the military-political alliance with Russia and ending with the mention in the constitutional preamble of «Ancient Russia» as the source of statehood.

In particular, such proposals were previously made by activist Nikolai Sergeev, who was awarded a medal at the end of 2019 from the hands of Putin himself.

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