Opinion. Yahor Lebiadok on a state of emergency

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На русском языке: Мнение. Егор Лебедок о режиме чрезвычайного положения
На беларускай мове: Меркаванне. Ягор Лебядок пра рэжым надзвычайнага становішча

Columnist Yahor Lebiadok in his Telegram channel published a post in which he analyzes decree № 451 «On Securing the State of Emergency». We quote his words unchanged.

The published Decree №451 «On Securing the State of Emergency» contains a specification of the governing bodies in the state of emergency and the tasks/functions/powers of the management bodies. But in terms of countering unrest, the decree does not contain anything remarkable except for one point. In August-November last year, as it became known from responses of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and a leak of a secret letter, the security forces of various departments were involved within the so-called state system of response to acts of terrorism, the activities of terrorist organizations, illegal armed groups and mass riots. The regulation on it was approved by a secret decree of 2012 (which very likely was changed last year). Thanks to leaks and resonance in society of the legal aspects of actions of the security forces, a reference to this system in 2021 was included in the open legal field — in the laws on a «State of Emergency» and «On the Armed Forces». From Decree № 451, it follows that within the state system, not only the republican rapid situational headquarters is formed, but also rapid situational headquarters (regions, cities, districts). In case of introduction of the state of emergency, these headquarters will be transformed into the Republican Joint Operational Headquarters and Commandant’s Offices, respectively. Also, from the norms of Decree №451, it follows that the rapid situational headquarters of the state response system already exist before the introduction of the state of emergency.

Thus, it can be reasonably assumed that in future, it is planned to "fight riots" as before - within the so-called state system of response to acts of terrorism, the activities of terrorist organizations, illegal armed groups and mass riots even before or without the introduction of a state of emergency.

The introduction of a state of emergency in the approach to «riot control» will not change anything in principle. A state of emergency will be of political importance (postponement of elections/referendums, justification of greater cruelty, for certain measures in cooperation with international/foreign organizations and citizens and their property, and other political moves) rather than fundamentally change the already tested approach to suppressing protests without introducing special regimes.

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