Opinion. «Mythology of Belarus» on security forces-chess players and the championship of 2020

Illustration: "Mythology of Belarus" Telegram channel
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На русском языке: Мнение. «Мифология Беларуси» о силовиках-шахматистах и чемпионате 2020 года
На беларускай мове: Меркаванне. «Міфалогія Беларусі» пра сілавікоў-шахматыстаў і чэмпіянат 2020 года

«Mythology of Belarus» Telegram channel published a post that talks about the new chairman of the Belarusian Chess Federation. We quote the opinion unchanged.

Militaristic tendencies in public administration have reached chess: Sergey Sychuk, the head of the personnel department of Belavia, has been appointed the new chairman of the Belarusian Chess Federation. Once he headed the second department of the personal security department of Lukashenka’s security service, and by his decree in 2005 he was awarded the rank of colonel.

Excellent choice, but there’re just a couple of questions:

  • What is Mr. Sychuk’s chess title or rank?
  • Does Mr. Sychuk follow the World Chess Championship taking place these days and how does he assess the rook endgame in the second game of Carlsen and Nepomniachtchi?

An interesting fact: the last chess tournament in which Mr. Sychuk took part was held in August 2020 and was called «Presidential Elections in Belarus».

There he headed one of the teams selected by the administration of the Central District of Minsk, namely the election commission №33 (located in gymnasium №50).

Almost all members of the commission, although «on paper» came from all sorts of pro-government public organizations and parties, were employees of the Belavia company. Well, Sychuk is the head of the personnel department of Belavia. Very interesting, isn’t it?

Observes recorded a dozen violations at the polling station, including an inflated early turnout. According to observers, flight attendants and other representatives of Sychuk’s team, that is, members of the election commission №33, hurried to fly to an unknown destination accompanied by OMON, avoiding the announcement of the election results at the polling station.

Nevertheless, persistent observers managed to get and photograph the official protocol. According to it, Lukashenka got 462 votes out of 690.

And now attention: this combination of numbers is not simple, but magical – in many metropolitan polling stations, in violation of any laws of probability theory, Lukashenka won exactly two-thirds of the votes (66% -67%).

690 * 0,67 = 462,3

Chess accuracy!

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