Opinion. «Nick and Mike» on the fight against coronavirus

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На русском языке: Мнение. «Ник и Майк» о борьбе с коронавирусом

Telegram channel «Nick and Mike» published a post about the meeting of Alexander Lukashenka on the epidemiological situation in the country and the measures taken to counter the spread of coronavirus infection. We quote their words unchanged.

We have good news, no matter how blasphemous it sounds. The chief virologist never understood anything. The junta guys tried to bring the trend of fighting covid, which mows people down with whole families (Statkevich’s deputy for the party Ales Arestovich recently died. A few days later, his son Dima died. His wife is in serious condition. And there are many such cases throughout the country) in a channel that will at least slightly reduce morbidity and mortality.

The mask regime, the appearance of Pinevich in a mask on the air of the state TV, checks of compliance with the mask regime, vaccination premiums — the system clearly understood what they faced and tried to carefully abandon the «progressive» method of treatment from the junta («Ay, it will pass itself») and move to European methods.

However, today there was a gathering at the chief virologist — and all this work is in vain. Full downshifting to vodka, tractor and hockey.

First, almost all people are again without masks. Secondly, from the hole in the head of the virologist poured complete nuts. And about the fact that vaccination is not burdened, and about coronafakes (once again we will send to the reports in the «White Coats» — one, two, three. Our posts on the topic — here and here, the video on YouTube — here), and that planned treatment needs to be resumed. The virologist only forgot to say that he would be engaged in it. Because there are no doctors at all.

Kubrakov was reprimanded for raids with a check of the mask regime (by the way, there were no complaints yesterday). Obviously, Kubrakov didn’t decide himself on such raids, the decision was clearly agreed. And such a public flogging only suggests that the system has less and less understanding of what to do.

Kubrakov, perhaps, is ready to serve further, but doesn’t understand what to do to remain a beloved wife. This is further confirmation of Nick’s thesis that the vertical is no longer vertical. No understanding, no purpose, no ideology. There is nothing but a desire to hold on to power with blackened fingers.

Nymphomaniac was humiliated, who tried to organize control over those who come to the blue-fingered. We’re not sorry for Nymphomaniac, but bravado and false courage (being vaccinated along and across — you can afford it) in the Kremlin may be considered as another injection in the direction of the Sochi bunker.

Pinevich and regional chiefs also got an earful. In general, the narrative is clear – everyone is to blame, except for the chief virologist. But in fact, with this meeting, he once again refuted all the statements of Massandra and thoughts from the films about turning the page — no treatment of covid Blue-fingered has never engaged. And he won’t now.

The virologist obviously went off the rails. He never realized that the decline of his career had just begun with covid. It was then that he finally lost the trust of Belarusians. And now this crack is only getting bigger. Instead of going out and repenting for tens of thousands of excess deaths, he still tries to make himself a Terminator. At a time when there are no places in hospitals, when doctors have to choose who to give oxygen to, and when coffins run out in cities.

There is only one recipe here. Wear a mask and get vaccinated if you are against Lukashenka. Only this can save us now.

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