Opinion. Yahor Lebiadok on coronavirus, masks and respect

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На русском языке: Мнение. Егор Лебедок о коронавирусе, масках и уважении
На беларускай мове: Меркаванне. Ягор Лебядок пра каранавірус, маскі і павагу

Columnist Yahorr Lebiadok on his Facebook page shared his opinion on vaccination and masks as ways not only to protect yourself from the disease, but also a way to express your opinion. Here are his words unchanged.

There is a website with statistics on vaccination and morbidity in various countries of the world, where it can be seen that in order to prevent a sharp increase or decrease in the already ongoing autumn wave of coronavirus incidence, vaccination at the level of at least 65% of the population is necessary. Yes, measures to prevent the spread of the disease beyond vaccination are important here, but still. In Belarus, even according to perfectly official data, a quarter of the population is vaccinated.

And against the background of a sharp increase in the sick and dead, today Lukashenka once again showed the level of attitude to the prevention of the epidemic. I do not know what the level of intelligence should be, and most importantly, the moral principles, to call masks «muzzles» in such a period, while positioning yourself as a president. But this tirade is partly due to the ongoing information campaign. A number of Telegram channels have launched a campaign calling for wearing masks not only to prevent the epidemic, but also in the context of expressing protest to Lukashenka’s authorities. Naturally, the measures taken to wear masks, and even with the threat of police raids and fines, would increase the number of citizens with masks, including yabatski [Lukashenka’s supporters–ed.] (on whom this situation would still have an additional impact, such as participation in the campaign of «enemies» and «fugitives»), which means that this could be perceived as a success of the campaign against Lukashenka. Apparently, in this regard, Lukashenka’s phrase addressed to Kubrakov when he reprimanded him for these raids sounded today: «Who are you playing along with?». (By the way, it was ridiculous to hear from Lukashenka the words «Why do you break the law?», addressed to Kubrakov, despite the fact that Lukashenka himself introduced the principle of «sometimes it’s not up to the laws» for the security forces).

It is becoming increasingly noticeable that Lukashenka is well amenable to information manipulations, first of all, by Russia, but he also reacts to the campaigns of the media and even individuals, not always adequately to the occasion. And his speech today is one of the examples of such manipulation. Yes, there is a factor in the principle of working for the public, because many don’t like wearing masks, but still, in my opinion, the information campaign on masks here also played a significant role (another argument in this favor is still their recognition of the need for vaccination, which can not be attracted in a symbolic sense to the protests, at the same time, the Ministry of Health I think conveys to him the idea of the importance and necessity of vaccination and taking measures to prevent the epidemic).

Regarding the wearing of masks, let me remind you that they are designed to a greater extent not in order not to get infected yourself, but in order not to infect others (to prevent the spread of drops of saliva during a conversation with people or on the phone in transport and buildings, on door handles and other surfaces, etc.). This is primarily a demonstration of respect for others, for your people. Now this is a good occasion to demonstrate the saying: Belarusian to Belarusian is Belarusian. But not in the context of «dog eat dog», but in the understanding that we had in August 2020.

If you have relatives or friends who are yabatski, who don’t wear masks in principle and don’t want to be vaccinated, try to protect them by indirect means. Although sometimes it seems that for some of yabatski to die for faith in their leader and the faith of the leader is the apotheosis of life …

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