87% of respondents support the protests. Results of «large-scale sociological research»

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На русском языке: 87% опрошенных поддерживают акции протеста. Результаты «масштабного социологического исследования»
На беларускай мове: 87% апытаных падтрымліваюць акцыі пратэсту. Вынікі «маштабнага сацыялагічнага даследавання»

On February 5, 2021, the Telegram channel «MotolkoPomogi» ran a poll — a check of the pro-governmental sociological research initiated by Lukashenko.

In 5 days in our online poll, we received 96,816 responses from people. Of course, such online polls are not close to a full-fledged sociological study. As well as the so-called «study» from the office of EcooM together with the Ukrainian Foundation Ukrainian Politics.

A little about the results on the survey:

  • 87% of respondents support the protests and have a positive attitude to the use of the national flag;
  • Most of all, Belarusians trust the Coordination Council - 58% of respondents, and the anti-leader - Lukashenko, whose level of trust is close to the statistical error and is less than 0.5%. Not even 3%. For comparison, the opposition as a whole is trusted by 95% of respondents, and hopes for the future are associated with Babariko, Latushko and Tihanovskaya;
  • 72% oppose an alliance with Russia;
  • 87% believe that the state of the economy has deteriorated over the past year, and Lukashenko, the government and people themselves are called the reason for the deterioration of the personal financial situation.

Help: At the top of the dashboard there is an opportunity to change the display mode. You can analyze data in both absolute values and %. When you select any of the answer options, all other graphs are filtered, that is, only the answers of the selected group are displayed. To remove the filtering — you need to click on the selected fragment again. To select several answer options — you need to click, holding Ctrl.

Detailed survey results are also available here. 

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