How Civil Society is destroyed in Belarus

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На русском языке: Как в Беларуси уничтожают гражданское общество
На беларускай мове: Як у Беларусі знішчаюць грамадзянскую супольнасць

The editorial staff of collected information on non-governmental organizations that must be eliminated by a court decision. Their number is constantly growing.

As at October 5, 2021, the following will be eliminated in Belarus:

  • 154 institutions;
  • 75 public organizations;
  • 9 funds;
  • 5 associations

In terms of the status of these organizations, the picture is as follows:

  • 177 are in the process of elimination;
  • 48 elimination trials;
  • 12 were excluded from the Central State Register;
  • 6 suspension trials

The first in the list of eliminated organizations is the information and consulting institution Agency for Regional Development ‘Dzejach’ – the date is July 1, 2021. In a month the number of such organizations will be 128. By September 1 – 199.

The eliminated organizations in regions:

  • 116 – Minsk;
  • 43 – Minsk Region;
  • 26 – Grodno Region;
  • 24 – Vitebsk Region;
  • 15 – Brest Region;
  • 12 – Mogilev Region;
  • 7 – Gomel Region.

The elimination list includes a variety of organizations: charitable, social, ecological, human rights, journalistic, sports, literary associations and even children’s hospice. A wave of repression seems to be striking all the spheres of society. Youth associations of petrolheads, local history organizations, organizations of business support, film workshops, tourist and cycling clubs, ethnic clubs and many others are closed.

More information in our infographics.

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