Mars — 304, Nestle — 1645. How much advertising on pro-regime TV is purchased by world companies?

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На русском языке: Марс — 304, Nestle — 1645. Сколько рекламы на госТВ закупают мировые компании?
На беларускай мове: Марс — 304, Nestle — 1645. Колькі рэкламы на дзяржТБ закупляюць сусветныя кампаніі?

This list is based on an analysis of all advertising on governmental TV channels during one week of February. 

The list includes 85 companies, there are many commercial networks among them, for example, the Green, in which searches took place in March, 2021. Most of the advertising on TV is purchased by well-known brands, and Nestle is the leader in the procurement of advertising. In just one week, we counted 1,645 ad impressions of products under this brand. But as for mobile operators, only MTS gives advertising on TV.

It is worth saying about the advertising of Mars brands, which was shown on governmental TV 304 times a week. The well-known manufacturer of bars Snickers, Twix, Bounty and many others took the second place among international companies in the number of advertising impressions on state TV.

The list can also be found here.

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