At least 50 organizations were searched in July, 2021

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На русском языке: Минимум в 50 организациях прошли обыски в июле 2021 года
На беларускай мове: Мінімум у 50 арганізацыях прайшлі ператрусы ў ліпені 2021 года

In Belarus, the number of searches has multiplied, the office of Radio Svaboda in Minsk has been destroyed, and human rights defenders, journalists, activists and ordinary people are searched daily. After that, the officials began to eliminate dozens of NGO organizations. As at July 22, it is known that the Ministry of Justice has liquidated Human Constanta, the media platform Imena, Mova Nanova, Art Syadziba, Press Club Belarus and 45 other organizations.

At least 50 organizations were searched in July, 2021

We are aware that media and Telegram channels only get a part of information on what is happening. It is no exaggeration to say that the number of searches of people has increased to thousands — this information is diligently collected and documented by human rights activists.

But as for searches in private organizations, especially in the regions, there is much less information available.

Therefore, we consider it important to compile a chronology of repression (searches) of all non-governmental organizations in Belarus starting from August 9.

If you know where, when and in what organization the search took place — please fill in the form. It’s anonymous.

You can fill in the form here.

In what organizations searches took place in July, 2021?

July 8: 

  • (Orsha)
  • Intex-Press (Baranovichi)
  • NashaNiva
  • Media Polesye (Luninets)
  • Brestskaya Gazeta (Brest)

July 9:

  • Gantsavitski chas (Gantsevichi)
  • Perwy region (Brest)
  • Silniye novosti (Gomel)
  • Inform- progulka (Luninets)

July 13:

  • Mogilevsky region (Mogilev)
  • Binokl (Brest)

July 14:

  • Legal research center Lawtrend
  • Movement ‘Za svabodu!’
  • Business school IPM
  • Platform Teritoriya pravou
  • Belarussian Association of Journalists 
  • The World Association of Belarusians Batskaushchyna 
  • Human rights center Human Constanta
  • Human rights center Viasna
  • The BPF Party
  • Center for Economic Research BEROC
  • Human rights organization Genderniya perspektivy
  • The office of European expertise and communication
  • Public organization Tretsy sektar (Grodno)
  • Public association Lev Sapieha Foundation
  • The Association of Belarusian writers
  • Laboratory Novak
  • Media platform Imena
  • Human Rights organization Belarusian Helsinki Committee
  • Education center at IBB
  • Office of the Center for Information and Legal Support of Socially Unprotected Groups of the population Advokatsiya (Polotsk)
  • United Civil Party
  • Public organization Youth Labour Rights
  • Belarusian PEN- center
  • University of the Third Age
  • Belarusian association of social workers
  • Belarusian Association of Women Lawyers (Brest)

July 15:

  • NashaNiva
  • Public association Govori Pravdu
  • Belarusian Language Society
  • Website Flagshtok (Gomel)
  • Public Association AKT
  • Civil forum (Grodno)
  • Education without borders (v. Dunayevo)

July 16:

  • Radio Svaboda
  • Human rights association TimeAct
  • Independent Union REP

July 19:

  • Regionalnaya Gazeta (Molodechno)

July 20:

  • University named after Nil Gilevich
  • Center of Environmental decision Ecoidea
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