11,000 «protest» criminal cases have been opened in Belarus since August 9, 2020

Investigative Committee
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На русском языке: В Беларуси с 9 августа 2020 года возбудили 11 тысяч «протестных» уголовных дел
На беларускай мове: У Беларусі з 9 жніўня 2020 года распачалі 11 тысяч «пратэстных» крымінальных справаў

This was reported by the Investigative Committee of Belarus. The head of the Investigative Committee Dmitry Gora ordered to take «exhaustive measures» this year for criminal prosecution in absentia of those involved in «extremist» cases who went abroad. He also demanded to «form a unified practice in terms of the implementation of this rule» and determine the criminal cases, which should be completed in special proceedings.

In July 2022, the situation with political repression in Belarus was as follows:

— About 5000 people waiting for trial: in pre-trial detention centers, under house arrest, under a ban on leaving the country;

— In total, about 15,000 have been convicted in criminal cases for political reasons since the summer of 2020;

— Every day from 15 to 40 people (on average) are arrested in criminal cases for political reasons.

There may be 2 or more defendants in one criminal case. There’re 11,000 criminal cases only according to the official data – so there are even more defendants. According to human rights activists, there’re 1259 political prisoners in Belarus.

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