Lithuania continues to issue visas for those who are in danger in Belarus, but only one consul does it because of the requirements of Makei’s Foreign Ministry

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На русском языке: Литва продолжает выдавать визы для тех, кому грозит опасность в Беларуси, но делает это всего один консул из-за требований МИДа Макея
На беларускай мове: Літва працягвае выдаваць візы для тых, каму пагражае небяспека ў Беларусі, але робіць гэта ўсяго адзін консул з-за патрабаванняў МЗС Макея

Lithuanian publication LRT, citing the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, reports that despite the introduction of the state of emergency, Lithuania will continue issuing visas to citizens of Belarus in cases where visas are issued with the assistance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania.

«After the events of August 2020 in Minsk, Vilnius has become the most important center of Belarusian civil society activity. Dozens of Belarusian NGOs and civil society organizations, activists and independent journalists who can’t work in Belarus have settled in Lithuania, so the accusations recently made in the public space that people fleeing totalitarian regimes can’t get to Lithuania are not true,» the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports in its press release.

Despite the reduction of the staff of the Lithuanian Embassy in Belarus to 1 employee at the unilateral request of the Lukashenka’s regime, the closure of the Consulate General in Grodno, which significantly limits the ability to issue visas to Belarusians, and the introduction of the state of emergency in Lithuania since March 1, 2022, Lithuania allowed representatives of the Belarusian democratic forces and media to come to Lithuania due to the exception in the resolution of the Seimas on introducing a state of emergency.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania also reports that it takes all submitted requests seriously, verifies them and mediates only in cases when the requests are justified.

«The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue to make every effort to ensure that Belarus, aspiring for freedom, remains on the agenda of both Lithuanian and international politics, and that people fighting against the regime can legally come and live in Lithuania,» the statement says.

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