9 criminal cases were initiated in Belarus because of the referendum

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Nine criminal cases related to the referendum on the draft Constitution have already been initiated in Belarus. This was stated by Aleksandr Kupchenia, the head of the main department of law enforcement and prevention of public security police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, during a press conference at the National Press Center. According to him, the police record all appeals of the election commissions’ members.

«We record every appeal of members of territorial and precinct election commissions containing threats and insults in connection with their activities,» he added.

Each fact will be evaluated under the Administrative and Criminal codes. The Ministry of Internal Affairs pays special attention to inscriptions on the walls of buildings.

«Investigative agencies have already initiated nine criminal cases so far, including for obstructing the right to participate in the referendum, illegal actions with regard to personal data, slander or damage to property,» Kupchenia said.

Since the beginning of the year, 200 criminal cases have been initiated for violence or threats of violence, insulting officials. He also said that the polling stations for the referendum will be equipped with alarm buttons. The police will guard them around the clock.

Source: Reform.by

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