A girl held an anti-war rally at a school assembly in Navapolatsk – she was arrested

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Viasna human rights center reports that yesterday at an assembly at gymnasium No. 1 in Navapolatsk a girl came out of the crowd with her hands up showing✌️, when people in military uniform were performing.

A few minutes later a police officer came up to her and arrested her. It is noteworthy that the girl was leaving to applause of the people.

На русском языке: Девушка провела антивоенную акцию на школьной линейке в Новополоцке — её задержали
На беларускай мове: Дзяўчына правяла антываенны мітынг на школьнай лінейцы ў Наваполацку – яе затрымалі

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