A year ago today, the BYPOL initiative was established. We remember its best materials

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На русском языке: Сегодня исполняется год инициативе BYPOL. Вспоминаем их лучшие материалы
На беларускай мове: Сёння спаўняецца год ініцыятыве BYPOL. Успамінаем іх лепшыя матэрыялы

A year ago, Belarusian law enforcement officers, who did not recognize the official results of the 2020 elections, organized the BYPOL initiative. At first, they coordinated the protest, then began to regularly investigate the crimes of the security forces, which are ignored by the investigative authorities of Belarus. BYPOL also created the Peramoga mobilization plan, which is designed to return power to the people of Belarus. BYPOL calls plan’s implementation its main task.

"A lot has been done this year – the organization has grown from several people into a many thousand structure that will become the basis of the law enforcement system in the new democratic and independent Belarus, where there will be no place for corruption and nepotism, and respect for and service to the rights and legitimate interests of citizens will really become the main principle of work",– BYPOL wrote today in its Telegram channel.

While the Belarusian investigative authorities suspended the criminal case on the murder of Raman Bandarenka, because they allegedly could not find the culprit, BYPOL analyzed the leaked conversations of Natalia Eismont, Dmitry Shakuta, Dmitry Baskov, Dmitry Balaba, many others and found out that Raman was fatally injured by a SOBR fighter.

BYPOL investigated torture in the Frunzensky police department and published the names of 48 security force officers who were involved in them.

The initiative found out who ordered the placing of protesters to punishment cell and to the homeless.

It also published evidence of wiretapping of all law enforcers (KGB, Prosecutor’s Office, IC, GUBOPiK and the Ministry of Internal Affairs) from ordinary precinct officers to the «upper caste» of security forces — such as Balaba (OMON commander) and Kubrakov (Minister of Internal Affairs).

BYPOL publishes the conversations of law enforcers, which, at times, receive a wide public response. So, at the beginning of the year, a record was leaked where the alleged Karpenkov (deputy minister of internal affairs) talks about the construction of camps for protesters, in March — the alleged Karayev (former Minister of Internal Affairs), who calls the Belarusian people stupid and narrow-minded and recommends killing those who pose a threat to the security forces: «Give up everything, find this creature and kill!» — says Karaev.

In addition, BYPOL leaks resonant videos from the recorders of law enforcers to the network. In one of them, OMON officers laugh at Lukashenko, who came out to the protesters with a machine gun.

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