A1 spokesperson is at Valadarka

Nikolai Bredelev. Photo: A1
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Nikolai Bredelev, the head of the public relations department of A1 company, is in jail on Valadarskaha street, his friends report.

Nikolai Bredelev was detained on December 10. A video appeared in pro-governmental telegram channels, in which he says that he «leaked» closed information about customers. After that, in the same channels, A1 began to be called a «terrorist company.»

The Austrian Embassy in Belarus protested against such a violation of personal human rights. A1 Telekom Austria Group condemned the interference in the personal life of the employee and promised to use all possible legal and diplomatic means to protect the employee. The Austrian Foreign Ministry also criticized the actions of the Belarusian authorities.

Human rights activists recognized Nikolai Bredelev as a political prisoner.

Later, the company began a corporate audit. It was noted that access to customer data is strictly regulated and registered individually, and Bredelev’s position did not envisage such access.

Source: Reform.by

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