AFET: Sanctions against Russia must be mirrored for the regime in Belarus

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На русском языке: AFET: Санкции против РФ должны быть зеркальны и на режим в РБ
На беларускай мове: AFET: Санкцыі супраць РФ павінны быць люстэркавыя і на рэжым у РБ

Thijs Reuten, the member of the European Parliament, Dutch politician from the Labor Party, reacted to the report of RFE/RL journalist Rickard Jozwiak, in which he said that the new package of EU sanctions will not target the regime in Belarus again.

First, Reuten expressed his hope that the European Commission and EU members would reconsider their decision and stated, «We asked several times to treat the illegitimate Belarus regime and its cronies as fully complicit to Russia’s war of aggression and the countless warcrimes

Second, the MP stated that just last week the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the European Parliament (AFET) voted in favor of a resolution demanding mirroring all sanctions against Russia for the regime in Belarus.

It is important to note that the AFET document states that the sanctions must be imposed without affecting visa issuance for Belarusians.

AFET: Sanctions against Russia must be mirrored for the regime in Belarus

«Insists that all sanctions applied to the Russian Federation must be mirrored for the Belarusian regime while avoiding adverse consequences, notably relating to the provision of visas, for the Belarusian people,» the resolution petition says.

In other words, the AFET resolution says everything that representatives of the democratic forces of Belarus and Belarusian activists demand. This document can certainly be called positive towards the Belarusian people. We hope that the European Commission will also hear the words of Belarusians, as they were heard in AFET.

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