An amusement park is installed right near apartment buildings in Vaukavysk
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На русском языке: В Волковыске прямо под окнами жилых домов установили «Луна-парк»

It is reported that the park has recently appeared in the green area on Lenin street, between the Peter and Paul Cathedral and St. Nicholas Church, just 15 meters from the windows of the apartment building.

It’s said that the residents who could ‘enjoy’ unforgettable sounds of the generator running since 5:00 actively call the direct lines of the head of the Vaukavysk District Executive Committee Mikhail Sitsko and Grodno Regional Executive Committee. Representatives of the District Executive Committee said they didn’t know who gave permission to install the park.

«Just one question: Why are you even sitting there? And yes, the sanitary standards in this case do not work, as it turned out,» local residents write.

By the way, according to Belsat, this amusement park is deployed as part of the youth festival, which will be held there from June 20 to June 26.

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