Armenian agrarians believe that Belarus sells them European seed potatoes under the guise of its own

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Grach Berberyan, the Chairman of «Agrarian and Peasant Union of Armenia» NGO, stated that Belarus counterfeits potato seeds, Armenia News reports.

In a conversation with a journalist, the expert said that Belarus counterfeits European seeds – it changes the label and passes them off as its own.

«This country claims to sell elite potato seeds all the time, although it is engaged in usual counterfeiting of seeds from Europe, changing the label and offering, including to Armenian farmers, seeds for 180 drams (30 cents) per 1 kg. They have no right to sell these seeds under their own name because they are mainly the property of Dutch companies,» Berberyan said.

The «Agrarian and Peasant Union of Armenia» claims it will create all conditions to prevent Belarusian seed potatoes from reaching Armenian farmers.

«We have no problems with substitution, European companies are ready to provide Armenian farmers with seeds. The price will be higher, but the quality will be higher too,» the expert believes.

According to Berberyan, the NGO has already applied to the authorities with a demand to tighten the conditions for the import of Belarusian potatoes.


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