Belarus and Russia will work out the protection of the Union State’s southern borders

Aliaksandr Volfovich
3 mins

Belarus and Russia will work out the protection of the southern borders of the Union State during the «Union Resolve» exercise. This was announced by Aliaksandr Volfovich, the State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus.

«Planned exercises – it’s nice. But when there is a sudden inspection of forces and means, the picture and readiness of the troops to perform their tasks are more realistically visible. Very large maneuvers are carried out with the development of issues of strategic regrouping over long distances, the creation of groups in operational areas and the fulfillment of tasks to repel aggression. And if earlier we did not consider the southern direction as a threat to the country’s security, today we, based on an assessment of the military-political and strategic situation, are forced to consider the southern direction. First of all, to protect the southern borders of the Union State,» he said.

These days the first stage of inspection of the Union State’s rapid reaction forces is taking place on the territory of Belarus. It will last until February 9. Then the joint exercise «Union Resolve-2022» will begin, which should end on February 20.


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