Belarus imposed counter-sanctions against foreign investors of 190 Belarusian companies
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На русском языке: В Беларуси введены контрсанкции против иностранных инвесторов 190 беларусских компаний

The National Legal Portal published the decree of the Council of Ministers No. 436 «On the list of persons.» It is said that assets (shares) of foreign investors in a number of Belarusian companies are blocked, i.e. now they are forbidden to sell their business.

A total of 190 companies with foreign capital got under restrictions, including Evroopt, Dana Astra, LUKOIL Belarus, EPAM Systems, Lidskoe Pivo, Minsk Watch Plant, Mazyrsol, Lidselmash, Mattioli, REMONDIS Minsk, HENKEL BOUTECHNIK, Kommunarka, SPARTAK, and others.

This means that foreign individuals and legal entities from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Cyprus, Germany, the Netherlands, Estonia, USA, Great Britain and other countries who own (fully or partially) one of these 190 companies will not be able to sell or withdraw their assets.

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