Graves of soldiers of the Home Army were destroyed in Grodno region
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На русском языке: В Гродненской области уничтожили захоронение солдат Армии Крайовой

The publication, citing the post of the Polish Sejm member Robert Tyszkiewicz, reports that the graves of Polish soldiers of the Home Army (Armia Krajowa) were razed to the ground in the village of Mikulishki (Grodno region).

The member of the Polish Sejm called what happened «a barbaric act of state vandalism,» and said that the Polish authorities should respond to it.

It is known that cases of destruction of Polish graves have been recorded in Belarus before, for example, in the villages of Bahdany, Babrovichy, Dyndylishki, and Iuye. At the end of June in the village of Iodkavichy (Berastavitsa district) unknown people moved tombstones and dug the remains of Polish soldiers from the mass grave.

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