Belarus to conduct final tests of medium-range air defense systems

Dmitry Pantus
3 mins

Belarus is planning to conduct final tests with live firing of a medium-range surface-to-air missile system of its own design in a week, Dmitry Pantus, the head of the State Military Industrial Committee of Belarus, said. He said that there were three stages of testing, and in the first quarter of this year they reached the final stage.

«They will be conducted literally in a week, the last tests with live firing, after which we can confidently say, if we succeed, about the creation of a fully Belarusian anti-aircraft missile system, our own domestic missile,» he said.

According to him, this is a key area, and the creation of means of destruction is one of the key tasks of the State Military Industrial Committee. Earlier this month, Pantus reported that Belarus was finishing work on a medium-range missile for the «Buk» anti-aircraft missile system.

«I think, there will be another stage of tests in the first quarter, I really want to believe that we will succeed and we will confidently report to the head of state on the creation of a domestic medium-range missile,» he said.


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