Minsk shopping centers are inspected for non-compliance with the mask mandate today

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На русском языке: Сегодня в минских торговых центрах проверят НЕсоблюдение масочного режима
На беларускай мове: Сёння ў мінскіх гандлёвых цэнтрах правераць НЕвыкананне масачнага рэжыму

The editors of Motolko.help received the information about the upcoming inspections of some of the Minsk shopping centers. The day before, a letter demanding to remove all mask mandate stickers was sent to all of the tenants of Dana Mall business premises. There’s also the information that they remove mask mandate stickers in the Skala shopping center.

Minsk shopping centers are inspected for non-compliance with the mask mandate today

It is reported that inspections are also planned in other trading establishments, where, in addition to removing stickers, they require staff not to wear masks.

Mask mandate stickers have already disappeared from the Green City and the Galleria Minsk shopping centers.

«Security guards are walking around with scrapers. Most of the sellers still wear masks as before».

We recall that since October 26, advertisements about the need to wear masks have been destroyed in Minsk. That’s because of the fact that in the midst of the 4th wave of COVID-19, which Belarusian doctors call the most severe, Lukashenko told the officials that by introducing mask mandate they «made a lot of noise throughout the country». Along with the mask mandate, not only advertisements about the need to wear masks, but also posters with the simplest hygiene regulations during the COVID-19 pandemic disappear from transport, public catering, crowded public areas and even clinics on the order of the officials.

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