Changes in the management of BelAZ. Sources: Will the plant be headed by a relative of Kochanova?
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На русском языке: Перестановки в руководстве БЕЛАЗа. Источники: завод возглавит родственник Кочановой?
На беларускай мове: Перастаноўкі ў кіраўніцтве БелАЗа. Крыніцы: завод узначаліць сваяк Качанавай?

A number of sources report that in the near future it’s planned to remove Sergey Nikiforovich from the office of General Director of BelAZ, his place may be taken by his first deputy Alexander Botvinnik. According to preliminary information, this may happen until the end of January.

«Nikiforovich has not been officially dismissed yet, they are considering an option to di this through agreement of the parties. He got back from vacation on 18.12, it’s said he’s finishing his deals before leaving. Instead, they want to put Alexander Botvinnik, the deputy director, the chairman of the Belarusian Boxing Federation»,–  sources say.

Changes in the management of BelAZ. Sources: Will the plant be headed by a relative of Kochanova?

Alexander Botvinnik /

It also became known that there have been rumors about the appointment of Botvinnik to the post of director since summer. People say that he is also a relative of Natalia Kochanova, the Chairman of the Council of the Republic, but it has not yet been possible to confirm this. As well as it is not known what will happen to the current director Nikiforovich, the company’s employees write that he can either be promoted or be simply fired.

In addition, it is reported that dismissals are continuing at the enterprise, there is information that there may be up to 600 people on the «lists». Also, from time to time information appears that they want to sell the company.

«Almost all specialists were dismissed. Especially the working personnel of the 5-6 category. And they hire people ‘from the street’ of the 2-3 category. They are trying to show efficiency so that the enterprise is more expensive to be sold. People from the Russian Federation have already come to see the equipment. They don’t need workshops and staff. Only equipment»,– the sources write.

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