CSTO announces drills and reinforcement of peacekeeping forces with doctors

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The CSTO plans to strengthen its peacekeeping forces with medical units. This was announced today by Colonel-General Anatoli Sidorov, the chief of the Joint Staff of the organization.

«Given the requirements of today’s time, just a year ago it was decided to include a fairly powerful medical component in the peacekeeping potential of the CSTO,» he said.

The peacekeeping forces have already included a special forces detachment of the Russian Burdenko military hospital. According to Sidorov, documents on the allocation of doctors by other countries have been prepared. Now they are sent for alignment. Sidorov also announced the main CSTO drills, which will be held in 2022.

«We plan to conduct joint and special drills on the territory of Kazakhstan, combining the training of various components of the CSTO troops (collective forces): special exercise with the forces and means of intelligence «Search – 2022»; special exercise with the forces and means of logistical support of troops (collective forces) of the CSTO «Echelon — 2022»; command-staff exercise with the CSTO Collective Rapid Reaction Forces «Interaction — 2022″ with practicing tasks on application of forces and means of the CSTO collective security system for the settlement of the crisis situation in the Central Asian region of CSTO collective security», he said.

Source: Reform.by

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