Truckers came out on the road near «Berastavitsa» checkpoint

Photo: AutoGrodno
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On February 14, drivers of trucks, standing in a queue at the checkpoint «Berastavitsa,» came out on the road and began to regulate the traffic on their own, AutoGrodno reports.

The queue at the checkpoint stretched for 20 kilometers. There is a gap in it – the settlement of Pahranichny, where trucks are not allowed to stand. Some drivers ignore the end of the queue, go through Pahranichny and get into the first queue.

«A lot of drivers pass our line, go through Pahranichny and stop at the end of the first line. If you ask why he passed, the driver will say he has a pass card. The problem is that 70% of such drivers do not have pass cards and they mislead the others so they don’t have to wait in line for a week,» one of the truckers told the newspaper.

According to drivers, cars at the end of the queue stand idle for more than a day, while other trucks drive past them without waiting in line.

On the morning of 14 February, the drivers approached the visiting traffic police officers. They replied that they control traffic safety and make sure that cars do not stand on the streets in Pahranichny. The drivers offered to write down the license numbers of the cars in the queue and check them at the entrance to «Berastavitsa».


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