Does Apple begin to block Belarusian iOS developers due to sanctions?

Updated: February 5 2022 15:30
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Apple users who have a developer account with a Belarusian registration address began to receive a letter from the corporation, which refers to the imposition of sanctions. According to readers, apparently we are talking about blocking payments for iOS developers with Belarusian registration. However, the headline of the letter says: “Your account has been deactivated.”

In addition, it is reported that Apple conducts payments through the German Deutsche Bank, and a number of Belarusian banks, for example, Belinvestbank do not accept payments from it due to sanctions.

Does Apple begin to block Belarusian iOS developers due to sanctions?

A letter from Apple /

“We noticed an issue when verifying your account. The legal entity information associated with your account fully matches a restricted party or one or more parties from the United States government’s consolidated screening list, another government’s sanctions list, or a restricted regions list,” Apple said in a notice.

It is noteworthy that the notification of sanctions comes even to those iOS developers whose accounts have already been re-registered to legal addresses in other countries (originally registered in Belarus).

Users also note that in the developer account of the App Store Connect, the inscription “Falls under sanctions” appeared in the block “Legal entities”, and also in the block “Agreement” there was a status – limited.

Does Apple begin to block Belarusian iOS developers due to sanctions?

Account of the App Store Connect developer /

It is also reported that the notification of sanctions was received by iTunes content makers who use paid subscriptions in Apple Podcasts. Now they can’t withdraw funds either.

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