EU wants to hold a meeting with Belarus on repatriation of migrants

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На русском языке: ЕС хочет провести переговоры с Беларусью о репатриации мигрантов
На беларускай мове: ЕС хоча правесці перамовы з Беларуссю пра рэпатрыяцыю мігрантаў

EU ambassadors discussed the imposition of sanctions on the National Airport Minsk as a way to prevent the unimpeded landing of international airlines carrying migrants, Reuters reports.

At the private meeting, the EU ambassadors agreed that as soon as the 5th package of sanctions against the Belarusian authorities is introduced, work on the sixth package should begin.

The ambassadors are considering negotiations with the UN and Belarus on the repatriation of migrants stuck at the border through Grodno airport, possibly with some EU financial assistance.

We remind that for the fourth day at least a thousand migrants are in the border zone between Belarus and Poland. On Monday, armed Belarusian security forces brought them there, and migrants were not allowed to attend the official border crossing, through which it was possible to enter Poland legally. Migrants want to get to Germany, Poland and Belarus are considered as transit countries.

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