Video: Migrants break through the Belarusian cordon trying to get to Poland legally
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На русском языке: Видео: Мигранты прорывают беларусский кордон, пытаясь легально попасть в Польшу
На беларускай мове: Відэа: Мігранты прарываюць беларускі кардон, спрабуючы легальна трапіць у Польшчу

The editors of were sent a video, filmed presumably on November 8, which shows a fierce battle between migrants and Belarusian security forces. With the help of logs, migrants are trying to break through the cordon of equipped soldiers who do not allow them to cross the border.

In the video, it’s seen that they managed to break through and run out to the Kuznitsa border crossing point. But later reinforcements were sent, and the passage to the border crossing was closed.

In fact, belarusian border guards did not allow people to go to the checkpoint to legally enter Poland, and pushed them back into the forest. As you can see, migrants actively resisted this and wanted to pass the border legally.

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