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На русском языке: Euroradio, и «Наша Нива» – про Татьяну Зарецкую

Just yesterday it became known that businesswoman Tattsiana Zaretskaya had left the United Transition Cabinet, where she worked as a «financial and economic representative» for less than two months.

Tattsiana explained her leaving by the fact that she and the employees of her company Laava Tech (which, as media previously said, is engaged in smart lighting for households) began receiving threats, but it was unknown what the threats were and what the reason for them was. However, today Euroradio published an interview with Tattsiana, Nasha Niva and published investigations about Tattsiana and her business.

The starting point was information that had previously appeared on VanityFair and Justdiligence (which was registered only on October 8), about a pseudo-investor conference in Monaco organized by a fraudster, where Zaretskaya was one of the speakers.

«In the whole Justdiligence story many things pointed to the fact that the publication of the material about Zaretskaya by an unknown website in Belarusian pro-governmental telegram channels was a planned attack on the businesswoman,» notes.

Journalists conducting investigations, as always, decided to ask Tattsiana herself questions about questionable issues regarding Laava Tech’s work, but received threats of lawsuits in response.

«As soon as our journalist offered to move on to a discussion of the material by Justdiligence, the businesswoman began threatening to sue Zerkalo if we published a link to it says in its article.

Journalists from Nasha Niva received the same threats in response to questions about Laava Tech’s work:

«First, I do not give you or your publication the right to publish anything related to me or affecting my interests (or those of my company) without my awareness and the approval of my lawyers.

Second, I warn you that the European Union has legislation prohibiting the publication of deliberately false testimony and references to it.

Third, I reserve the right to inform your management and those who finance your publication about the boorish way you talk to people. I would advise you to talk to your acquaintances in such a tone, but no one deserves such treatment,» she wrote to a journalist of Nasha Niva.

One last thing: The team of MotolkoHelp categorically condemns the attempt to pressure media by banning publications and threatening them with a lawsuit. This already sounds like a «media oversight committee» from Tsepkalo. Threatening correspondents with lawsuits is the worst thing you can say in any situation.

You can see the investigation by Nasha Niva here.

You can see the article by Zerkalo here.

The article by Euroradio is available here.

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