«Everything will be according to the law.» The Honest people initiative published a transcript of the conversation with the future member of the referendum commission

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На русском языке: «Все будет по закону». Инициатива «Честные люди» опубликовала расшифровку разговора с будущим членом комиссии
На беларускай мове: «Усё будзе па законе». Ініцыятыва «Сумленныя людзі» апублікавала расшыфроўку размовы з будучым чальцом камісіі

The telegram channel of the Honest People initiative published a transcript of a telephone conversation with a future member of the Referendum commission. The authors say that some members of election commissions send them audio recordings of meetings and telephone conversations with management. Thus, they know the details about preparations for the «referendum» and an understanding of the mood within the system.

Important! The Honest People initiative does not publish such records for security reasons. Some of them are decrypted into the text, saving sayings and the meaning, but removing details that could unmask a person who sent the record.

Honest people publish a fragment of a telephone conversation between a worker, who was offered to be a member of the elections commission, and the deputy director of the district enterprise. «Such calls almost always begin with an abstract topic, but gradually move on to the discussion of the ‘referendum’,» the initiative noted.

Transcript of the conversation:

«… therefore, don’t forget to fill a report card. And… About the referendum, about your role in it and directly in the work of the commission. Tentatively, it is planned to be held at the end of February. The exact dates will be announced in late January. I think it’s going to be around January 20-27. And then we will get to work.

Tell me, have you changed your mind about participating? Because there will be more meetings… Important things will be discussed. You have to be prepared. But I will tell you these details later. Closer to the referendum.

And one more thing. About our conversations, nobody, nothing… Well, you get the idea. They shouldn’t know. The main thing is not to be afraid of anything. Everything will be according to the law

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